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MATH 1070Q

Mathematics for Business and Economics


Linear equations and inequalities, exponents and logarithms, matrices and determinants, linear programming and applications.

Most of the course material will be available on the pages below.

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MATH 2210Q

Applied Linear Algebra


This course studies systems of equations, matrices, determinants, linear transformations on vector spaces, characteristic values and vectors, from a computational point of view. The course is an introduction to the techniques of linear algebra with elementary applications.

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  • Section 1.1: #7-25 all, 29-32 all
  • Section 1.2: #1-4 all, 7-29 all
  • Section 1.3: #1-24 all
  • Section 1.4: #1-31 all
  • Section 1.5: #1-32
  • Section 1.7: #1-40
  • Section 1.8: #1-12 all, 17, 19-22 all
  • Section 1.9: #1-28 all
  • Section 2.1: #1-10 all, 15-17 all
  • Section 2.2: #1-26 all, 29- 32 all,

MATH 3210

Abstract Linear Algebra


Linear algebra is one of the most productive branches of mathematics. Almost no science can survive without a serious use of linear algebra. Moreover, ideas throughout higher mathematics are often at some point related to "simple" linear algebra manipulations. The key idea is "linearization," which deals with the attempt at describing the information one wants to study in terms of linear algebra objects (vector spaces, operators, etc). We will try to understand such notions and make use of them in studying problems which at first glance may not seem to be "linear".

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  • Homework 1 (.pdf)